Affordable, Instant Working and Living Spaces for Farmers and their Seasonal Workers


Finally an affordable solution for instant, safe and secure living and working spaces on our farms!



Why buy a tent when the Essential starter FlexDome does not cost much more? Please Contact Us for pricing information.


Temporary or Longer Term

The FlexDome shelters can be used for as long as required – their estimated lifespan is a minimum of 3 years.


Safe and Solid

The FlexDome provides a solid structure that is wind- and waterproof, as well as flame resistant. Ventilation and natural light are supplemented with LED lights. Additional solar cells are available.



The basic 16 square meter dome can easily be assembled by 2 people in 2 hours. It only requires a level surface to be erected anywhere you go!



Panels are flatpacked for easy, affordable shipment and transport. The FlexDome can be disassembled and reassembled within hours, in a new location if required.


Customized colours and prints

The FlexDome can be printed in any colour or design. It can melt into the landscape in natural colours, if required, or be as bright and colourful as you like!



Starting from 16 square meters for the Essential dome, up to 27.7 square meters for the Extended Advanced Dome – the FlexDome provides spacious living and working solutions. Please visit our Product Details page for more information on the available configurations.


Easy Logistics

The FlexDome panels can be stacked on the back of a truck and transported as required. Individual panels weigh no more than 15 kilograms each and can be carried by one person.


Housing System

The FlexDome system can consist of one dome, or multiple connected domes (bedrooms and living/cooking area) or an extended dome, providing a spacious living area - or a city of connected domes – whatever you need! Please contact us to discuss your required configurations.


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